Dzogchen view in Tibetan Buddhism. London, 2018

Based on a talk given by James Low at Watkins Books, London 26th April 2018

‘Dzogchen’ means great completion, indicating that from the very beginning everything has been complete in itself. That is to say, each moment is perfect as it is, even if not perfect when viewed from the frame of reference of relativity.
For example, a rotting tomato is a perfect example of a rotting tomato. It may not be a delicious tomato that you would want to eat. In terms of our normal dualistic framework of good/bad we might think, “this is disgusting, I don’t want to eat this ” but if we open ourselves to how it is in itself, we see that it is just this. It is only this and couldn’t be other than this.

Transcribed by Martin Lineham.

Revised by Barbara Terris and James Low.

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