Healing and the five elements. Public Talk. Freiburg, 2012

James Low
Healing and the five elements from the view of dzogchen

Public Talk.  Freiburg. 14 June 2012

Transcribed by Jo Féat
Edited by James Low

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According to the traditional view everything we experience is generated via the medium of the five elements: space, wind, fire, water and earth. Space is stable. It never moves yet it has no substance. Wind, fire and water have the nature of movement. Earth tends towards stability. Left alone, it settles and appears to be substantial.
Ignoring the basic ground which is space itself brings a disjunction in the field of manifestation. The infinite field of experience is inseparable from space because our potential requires space in order to display itself. Whether the unfolding movement is tight, convergent and centripetal, or expansive, divergent and centrifugal, it will require space otherwise it will remain hidden. But when spacious awareness is obscured by over-identification with ‘I, me, myself’, the density of being an individual person hides its own spacious ground.

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