Integration of dharma: being with others. Eifel Retreat, Autumn 2008

James Low

2-5 Oct 2008

Integration of dharma: being with others

Transcribed and prepared by Sarah Allen
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“…If you want to be yourself you have to manage other people, pulling them in and pushing them away. Connection and participation is important. This means being able to stay present with things in the face of feelings of ‘like’, ‘dislike’ and so on…”
“..The practice is about relaxing the gaze from our deep intoxication in the world and from trying to manipulate and control what is going on. The practice is not even about trying and to ‘improve’ ourselves.   It is not like that, for what can you add on to nothing? …”

The one who is looking through our eyes is the buddha
The importance of attention
Dzogchen – ‘The vehicle of the result’
Guru yoga
The four immeasurables
Exploring the term ‘emptiness’
Seeing your own face
Reflecting on some traditional texts
Chetsangpa: “How the ground abides”
Guru Yoga – unifying with the lineage
Patrul Rinpoche: “Remain without artifice on that which is arising”
Garab Dorje’s Three Statements that hit the point
Patrul Rinpoche: an explanation of how mind reveals itself
Dzogchen refuge
Why the buddha is so reliable
Our own mind as the object of refuge
Practice: being with others – what are our blocks?
Bringing dzogchen into daily life

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