Let the mind play. Zoom, Jan 2021

James Low

Zoom talk, 27th January 2021

Transcribed by Paula Aranibar

Read the transcript here


…In Canada and Sweden people chop down trees and float them downriver. Sometimes they jam and have to be released by men running on top of the logs and prodding them free so that they flow like the river.  It’s the same in meditation. When you get a logjam, a blockage in your mind, from the ego’s point of view this logjam is wonderful. The ego operates to build up compounds, houses it can inhabit.


…What to do? Allow the mind to move as it moves. Rang-bab.


…In the practice of dzogchen we shift from playing a game to just playing. We are simply sitting, life is going on and we are not trying to control what is happening. Things happen. Sounds, sensation, thoughts, feelings and memories come in this pattern, then in another pattern. What does it mean? Nothing. Meaning begins when you take it seriously, when you respond to what is with like/don’t like.


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