New Transcript. Releasing attachment & confusion. Public Talk. Vienna, 2018 [2020]

James Low
Releasing attachment and confusion in the space of being

Public Talk on 6th September 2018 at the Zhi-Chang Li Academy, Vienna.

Transcribed by Lea Pabst

Edited by Barbara Terris

Download the Transcript here.


…In the middle of our heart there is a little box and in this box there is a piece of paper and on the paper is written our secret name: ‘Pinocchio’. Pinocchio wanted to be a boy, but he was not a boy. We want to be a person, but we are not a person. We are a buddha pretending to be a person. Why would we do that? Because we don’t know we are a buddha…

…Here is the great mystery: in order to awaken to how we are, we should do less and not more. But the ego, because it’s inflected (or infected) with guilt and shame, feels inadequate and incompetent. Then it feels it has to try even harder. Of course, trying harder gives it a job, a job for life. In fact, a job for many, many lives…

Listen to the audio recording here.

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