Being at ease with yourself, Devon 2014

James Low

Public Talk in Crediton, Devon organised by Wendy, 28 November 2014.
Transcribed by Lea Pabst
Edited by Barbara Terris
Download the Transcript
Also available on video here
5976353_uploadsmember994822yourshot-994822-5976353jpg_qx2g2r4c2uk5wui4hnbmggdfj7p3eflutfvvbpyjwjhzlmh4iziq_1600x1528“What is it that gives a thought the power to catch you? The power is not in the thought. Thoughts arise and go by. It is our proclivity, our tendency, our susceptibility, that draws us towards that thought at this particular time.”
“The royal road to happiness and relaxation is not to believe the stories you tell yourself about yourself, but to look at the world; look at your unfolding potential. Don’t come to a premature conclusion. Don’t mobilise on the basis of assumption and prediction. Just see what is there and feel your response. Allow the full reception of the situation to evoke the widest possible range of responses and you find yourself being there in the moment.”
“To be at ease in ourselves with others, let go of what we know and be available for what is. That is our ongoing work.”

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