Depth and light. Berlin, Jan 2016

James Low

Teaching Retreat, Berlin, 30-31 Jan 2016

Depth and light: dzogchen thogal is the revelation of the energy of the unborn space of the mind. First the focus is on the depth of space, the ground and field of our being. When this becomes clear then the nature of appearance becomes obvious.

Organised by Olaf Brockmann

Transcribed by John Imes

Edited by Barbara Terris

Read PDF of the Transcript

Watch the video of the retreat and the public talk beforehand here


…If you see a small child wandering in the park, you keep an eye on it, and sooner or later the mother turns up: “Oh my goodness! There you are. Where on earth did you wander off to?” If you want to find the mother, all you need to do is just wait by the child. The mother is the mind itself. Thoughts, feelings and sensations – these are the children. Don’t split them into two separate things…
Dzogchen means ‘the great completion’ or in some sense, ‘the great ending’. When something is completed and ended, there’s nothing more to be done, but we keep on keeping on. Dzogchen is saying whatever you have or whatever occurs for you is enough; don’t try to change this into something else.

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