Dzogchen and the five elements. Frankfurt 1995

James Low, Frankfurt, May 1995.

Transcribed by Liz Fox and edited by Barbara Terris

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The only way to get into enlightenment is through love. Love, tenderness and awareness are all very similar in quality, love for ourselves and love for others….

… In dzogchen meditation we pay attention to the balance of the elements both within our body and in the external situation. In this way we are working in harmony with our own state rather than against it. The balancing of these elements is done both externally and internally but the focus is not on control. Dzogchen is not so much concerned with control but rather with this vast interface with the world. We want to be in touch with the world, responding to the world as it is arising. That is the rationale behind the dzogchen saying that the goal for a dzogchen yogi is to sleep when you’re tired, to eat when you’re hungry, and to walk when you want to walk.

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