Easy does it: the heart of the dzogchen teachings. Wild Heart Festival, UK, 2010

Wild heart Gathering, East Sussex, UK.  September 2010

James Low

Transcribed and edited by Sarah Allen
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Photo by Krishna Siegfried Beutel

We are not the content of our mind and yet we are inseparable from the content of our mind.  The content of our mind is experience, it is not essence.  Thus, if you have bad times, these bad times don’t define who you are.  If you get a bit crazy for a while or you feel collapsed or worthless and life loses its meaning, if you can relax and be with that,  it then passes…
To feel that “it is all up to me” is a very sad and lonely place.  Actually, our life is revealed through being with others.  Our life comes to us; is given to us, when we make the gesture of welcoming it.  And sometimes that is happy and sometimes it is sad but either way, it is a revelation and not a thing you can hang onto.  This is really the basic heart of the dzogchen teachings; that there are no things, that there are only moments of ungraspable experience arising within the open field of awareness.  The more we see that we are integrated in open spaciousness the more the moments are fine just as they are.
We are here, alive – so simply attend to that immediate presence of awareness that is our open ground, the ever present basis of all our experience.  Simply be aware, be present in, with, and as, the flow of experience.  Observe how movement, a gesture in space and time is an expression or revelation of ungraspable presence.  Our open potential shows many forms, as self and as other, yet no appearance defines who we are.

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