Open space and infinite potential: an inquiry into our true nature. Mannheim, 2009

With reference to Direct Indication of Buddhahood beyond Classification by Nuden Dorje Drophan Lingpa Drolo Tsal which is Ch. 8 of Simply Being, by James Low [3rd edition, Antony Rowe, 2010] Extracted from the Mannheim Seminar. 21st – 22nd November 2009
James Low

Transcribed by Daniel Beierstettel
Edited by Barbara Terris and Revised by James Low

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…It is autumn now and the squirrels are coming to the end of their very busy period; they are collecting their last nuts and so on before the winter. They hide the nuts sometimes under the ground, sometimes in little holes in trees. Of course, the memory of the squirrel is not so good. In the early spring time you often see them scrabbling in the earth trying to find their nuts.
In the same way I put my life somewhere, I stored a little bit here, a little bit there – but when I came back, I couldn’t find it. Because actually, we can’t put things into the future. Nobody knows what the future is going to be. This poses a problem…
…Thoughts come and go in the spaciousness of the mind. Speech arises and passes in the spaciousness of silence. Movement occurs and vanishes in the spaciousness of stillness. In that way, whatever we are doing is precisely just what it is, but is never cut off, never separated, from the integrated field of arising…


Dzogchen shiné
Mirror, a traditional example
We are constructed out of constructs
Guru Yoga using the white letter Aa
Nuden Dorje: ‘All objects are like the sky’
What we see is an interpretation
How to live in the moment
By understanding the illusory nature we awaken from ignorance
Ego will never be enlightened: ego is a content of mind
The sky offers limitless hospitality but ego’s hospitality is limited
Aa practice: advice on adjusting your balance in post-meditation
Our identity is performative, not essential
Indra’s Net
Examining your thoughts
Advice on staying present with the one who is present
The mirror offers hospitality to all reflections
Awareness relaxes into the ground, which is open
The essence of practice
Dedication of Merit

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