Psicoterapia y Dzogchen. Barcelona, 2016

James Low

Psicoterapia y Dzogchen

4-6 November 2016
Kundusling, Barcelona.
Read or Download the Transcript in Spanish.  Traducción: María Lleó Castells.  Transcripción: Esther Aragón Gatell
The topic for the weekend was: “Space is a central aspect of Dzogchen Buddhist practice and it is also important in psychotherapy. The space between people can be experienced as linking or dividing. The space of the heart can feel full and richly resourced or it can be experienced as empty and bleak. We will explore how meditation can help therapists to make the most of space.
James begins by referring to the link between Buddhism and healing, reminding people that the Buddha was often described as ‘the great doctor’ or ‘the great healer’. (He himself was chewing cough sweets because of a cold and sore throat.)
You can also watch the videos of James teaching in English, with Spanish translation, at

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