Space is the greatest friend we have. Germany, 2017

Space is the greatest friend we have: working and living together in an organisation.

A talk given by James Low to the staff in a Buddhist organisation.

Germany, 25 October 2017

Transcribed by Tobias Roeder

...If someone is a nurse or a social worker or an administrative staff or a manager, whatever their role is, it is like a role in the theatre. They are in the play together and everybody has to be precisely in their role, know their script and have the freedom within a certain bandwidth to interpret and express their sense of their script. Everybody needs to understand the relation between their individual script and the script of the organisation. What do we do? What is the plan for the future? We might liken this to the Buddhist fourfold structure of view, meditation, activity and result…

… When I walk down the street I’m amazed to notice that everybody is walking faster than me! How do they do that? I tell myself, “Come on James, go faster.” But, they are still going faster than me. Because I am in autumn. My springtime is gone, my summertime is gone, and now I am in autumn. We never know how long autumn lasts. Sometimes winter comes very early and then … gone. This is the situation!…

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