The Experience of self-liberation. Vienna 2012

James Low

Vienna, 7th June, 2012

Transcribed by Kathleen Brady and prepared by Rob Dowling

The audio recording in German and English is here

…Let’s say you are going rock climbing. You are looking for where your hand is going, for where your feet are going and as long as the climb is not too difficult for you, you can accomplish that. If halfway up you start to think, “Oh, I am far from the ground below. I have a fragile body with bones that can easily break, I think I’m a little scared”, that thought will open the door to many other thoughts! That’s when climbing becomes very difficult and dangerous because you have interrupted yourself in the immediacy of being present with this stone surface. It’s very similar in meditation. By being completely present with what is occurring, there is a simplicity which protects us against the elaboration of thoughts…

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