The Mirror of luminous revelation. Aracena, 2016

Transcript of teachings James Low gave in Aracena (near Seville) from 28th April to 2nd May 2016.

Transcribed by Jo Fèat and edited by Barbara Terris.

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You can listen to the audio recording in English and Spanish here.

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This treasure text of Nuden Dorje has previously been translated as “The Mirror of clear meaning” (Tibetan, Donsal Melong) in James’ book, Being Right Here.

Excerpts from the talks

…One of the things that children learn quite easily is the joy of spinning; it doesn’t cost anything. You just spin round very fast and then you stop and you are off-balance and dizzy. You, yourself, make yourself feel funny. If you stop spinning you will be quite grounded but if you keep spinning you will get dizzy. That is all the Buddha ever said. Spinning is ignorance so just stand still…

…The focus of our work is tenderness and gentleness. When we are tender towards ourselves we start to understand ourselves…

…After a long drive you don’t look at the car mirrors to check if they are exhausted. You don’t think, ‘I will take the mirrors to the Mirror Hotel for a little rest before our journey home.’ The mirror is always working yet it never tires out. This is an example of the mind: the image doesn’t tire out the mirror; thoughts don’t tire out the mind…

…Judging ourselves as bad, or lazy, or stupid doesn’t help. Instead we want to see the patterns of how we get lost. Seeing clearly without any evaluative judgement is the path…

The life of the yogi: sleep when you’re tired and eat when you’re hungry. It is all very simple

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