The Two truths: a dzogchen view. Frankfurt, 1995

James Low

Frankfurt, March 1995
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  1. The Paradoxical Double-Move of Tantra
  2. The Teacher Student Relationship
  3. The Two Truths: Relative Truth and Absolute Truth
  4. Finding what is a good fit for you
  5. Pure Relative Truth
  6. Deconstructing our assumptions
  7. Impure Relative Truth: seeing things as real and attachment to them
  8. Dzogchen and the Two Truths
  9. Thoughts arising in Shamatha meditation
  10. Thoughts arising in Dzogchen meditation
  11. Ethics and responsibility: when ‘good’ teachers behave ‘badly’Can a Dharma view help us understand this contradiction?
  12. Should we intervene?
  13. Why are we told to have devotion and what use is it?
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