The Wonder of being. Berlin, 2016

Public Talk, Berlin 29 Jan 2016

Being, Space and Time, the dzogchen view of the wonder of being. This view and simple practice frees us from the delusion of being a finite, vulnerable thing.

Transcribed by John Imes

Edited by Barbara Terris

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boys-climbing-a-tree…I remember climbing trees. I remember running up hills in Scotland. These are very pleasurable thoughts for an old man! Nowadays I have no desire to climb a tree but the fact that I can remember climbing a tree has become incorporated into my sense of self. It helps me to ignore the fact that not only do I not want to climb trees now, but actually I can no longer climb trees. The past is gone; I can’t go back into it. By the miracle of storytelling, however, I can wrap these memories around myself…
…The self is like an accordion, expanding and contracting moment by moment. We can have a full identification with something, and then it’s gone…

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