The Prayer of aspiration which is a wish-fulfilling jewel

“Wonderful! In the debased times of the final five-hundred year period, a fortunate secret yogi (Rigdzin Godem) will meet with my treasure.  The sugatas of the three times will be his witness and will help him.  See the guru in the form of Vajrasattva surrounded by many agents and dakinis.  They act as his helpers in whatever activities he performs.  If you recite this very pure prayer of aspiration you will accomplish a great benefit for sentient beings.” Thus it was said by Padmasambhava.
At the time of the third dharmachakra the wishes of the Tibetan king and the other twenty-five disciples were fulfilled. Prince lHa-Sras Mu-Khri Tsan-Po wrote down this prayer and then it was hidden in the maroon leather casket. Rig-‘Dzin rGod-Kyi-lDem ‘Phru-Chan took it out from the yellow-coloured golden treasury on the south side of the container.
                                              Vows.      Seal.      Seal.      Seal.

Translated by James Low
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