Earth Vase project coordinated by Anna Bihler.

Earth Healing

Anna has prepared for us these four texts about the project.  She begins, “It is increasingly obvious that major disturbances are occurring to the balance of the five elements within the constitution of all living beings and within the environment we inhabit. The water element has come under attack, and the fire element is overly increasing. 

Pollution in land, sea and air affects the lives of millions of living creatures. As for human beings, more and more people are moving to the city thus losing contact with the healing power of green spaces and the harmonising effect of being in tune with the organic cycle of the year.

Text 1 of 4  Here she describes the background and benefits of the practice.  Also in Spanish. Comenzando con los Jarrones para la Tierra

Text 2 of 4. Here she describes how to fill, empower and seal the vase or pot. Also in Spanish. Llenando los jarrones para la Tierra

Text 3 of 4. Here she describes how to consign the vase or pot to the earth. Also in Spanish. Enterrando los jarrones

Text 4 of 4. Here she describes how we can be involved. Also in Spanish. Varios temas de los Jarrones para la Tierra

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