Protecting Body Voice and Mind of all Beings at a time of turbulence

Although I talk about “my life” it doesn’t seem to belong to me. Not only could I come in contact with the virus and become sick, but I’m in contact with the government and feel their rules and regulations altering my sense of who I am. Now, for the meditators it can be very helpful. We welcome the interruption of our fixed sense of self. Here are some useful meditation practices.

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Mindfulness, contact and healing in psychotherapy, 2019

The key focus of this short piece is an initial exploration of the synergy between mindfulness and contact in the practice of psychotherapy. Here the term mindfulness is used to indicate a state of conscious attention: one intentionally attends to what is occurring.

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Ground, path and result. 2017

Ground, path and result Read this short piece of writing in English In German Ground The basis of all experience is ungraspable simplicity free of artifice: uncompounded, uncreated; spontaneous, self-arisen; infinite; inconceivable; inexpressible presence eluding capture by concept, categories, definitions. This, the ground of your presence, is other than anything you know yet not something apart. The open ground has […]

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