Basic Buddhism with a Dzogchen view. [08]. Macclesfield, 2008

James Low

I will be looking at the general preliminary practices (Ngöndro) in Tibetan Buddhism and showing how these can be taken up and made use of within the general frame of the Dzogchen view.

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Macclesfield, UK.

15 – 16 March 2008

Transcribed by Kath Brady, March 2009.
Revision by Mário César Lins Filho, March 2023.

The Macclesfield UK Talks [8]



Introduction. 2

First General Practice: reflecting on life. 8

Sun, clouds and umbrellas 12

The three ‘A’ practice. 13

Four principal thoughts, or “the four reflections” 14

Karma. 14

Impermanence. 17

Suffering. 19

Old age, Sickness and Death. 19

Refuge. 21

Refuge in the Buddha. 22

Refuge in the Dharma. 25

Refuge in the Sangha. 27

Bodhisattva vow. 30

Mandala. 34

The two accumulations: merit and wisdom. 41

The practice of Vajrasattva and Faith. 43

Guru Yoga. 51

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