The Generous ground. 2017

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German translation. Der selbstlose Urgrund

The Generous ground
  1. Mind is empty and full.
  2. Experience is all that is available.
  3. Experience is the imagination of the ground:
  4. This can be unmediated; the awareness of the ground shows integral non-dual manifestation as it actually is.
  5. Or it can be mediated by unawareness of the ground leading to all the possibilities of samsara.
  1. Primordial purity is invulnerable, indestructible, unchanging and so
  2. Relax and release. Rest in and as the unborn open
  3. Available for whatever manifests, whether seemingly as subject or object, without reification, bias or judgement.
  4. This self-liberation of phenomena, including self, directly shows the unshowable ground.
  5. The ungraspability of ground open emptiness, infinite translucent clarity, and evanescent co-emergent participation is liberation itself.
  1. Manifesting as appearance and emptiness, apparitional forms mutate as connectivity of the energy of the ground is privileged above all.
  2. Accepting projections without being bound by them, presence remains integral within the modes of splitting that display as our own known worlds.
  3. With unchanging awareness of the emptiness of illusory manifestation, myriad forms arise according to the needs of those believing in inherent separateness.
  4. Whatever occurs is non-cumulative and so there is no residue of energetic charge; all is within the avadhuti and so empty naked freshness is the mode of availability and responsivity.
  5. Ungraspable, uncatchable, this is the enigma of the presence that helps by facilitating the dissolving of the delusion of the duality of the existence of the one who needs help and the one with special qualities who kindly offers help.
  1. The result is non-confusion in the midst of chaos.
  2. The ground and its clarity are inseparable from participation without contamination.
  3. The primordial purity (sangs) of mirror-like open empty awareness shows myriad (rgyas) appearances of connectivity.
  4. Participation in the field inseparable from the clarity of the field and its ground is the dreamlike quality of apparitional forms.
  5. Delusion (kun brtags) is dissolved by awakening to illusion (lhan skyes) revealing the self-liberation of reification, attachment and discrimination.

James Low, 2017

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