Ground, path and result. 2017

Ground, path and result

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The basis of all experience is ungraspable simplicity free of artifice: uncompounded, uncreated; spontaneous, self-arisen; infinite; inconceivable; inexpressible presence eluding capture by concept, categories, definitions. This, the ground of your presence, is other than anything you know yet not something apart. The open ground has never been lost or limited. It is always already whole and available. This truth is self-valid in the immediacy of awareness and does not rely on concepts.


This openness is always available to those who are available. Preoccupation with thoughts, feelings, plans, sensations, memories, interpretation and so on generates the illusory unavailable self. Letting go of the dualistic habit of reifying self and other allows self to relax into its basis, and then the other, the object, arises and goes free by itself. Relax and release. Striving will not help for we have never parted from the source we seek. Relax and release till clarity dissolves the clouds of habitual activity and doubt loses its power to disturb.


This openness is infinite, encompassing all that is referred to as time and space. All that is experienced is within it. If this truth becomes self-evidently clear for you there is no need to go looking here and chasing there. The unborn integrity of openness, clarity, and responsive presence is the buddha, unchanging compassionate liberation from the delusion of reification, duality and karma.

James Low. November 2017

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