Getting acquainted • Todtmoos, 2009

James taught on Patrul Rinpoche’s commentaries on Garab Dorje’s Three Statements, hitting the main point. This talk is from the preparatory introductory day in Freiburg. It was followed by teaching retreats in Todtmoos Au in 2009 and 2010.

Transcribed by Sarah Allen and edited by James Low.

Read the teachings from the following days here.


The great chain of cause and effect keeps growing as if self and other were two knitting needles moving together to pattern events in the far future, using the yarn that manifests in the moment and that was spun long ago.

When judgement arises this is a sign that we are not present in relaxed open awareness but have identified with the position of the one apart, the one who decides, the one who evaluates. Judgement hides the simplicity of the arising thought.

Although there is nothing to be done we have to put ourselves in the way of it. This ‘not doing’, is the activity. If you stand under a waterfall it will wash you without you making effort – but if you stand away from it you will remain dry.

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