Staying open and relaxed in times of war and conflict. Zoom, Feb. 2022

Staying open and relaxed in times of war and conflict.

This talk was the book launch for “Me first!: an account of the rise of the Wrathful Buddhas”.

James Low

Zoom, 23 February 2022

Read and download the transcript:

in English

in German by Robert Jaroslawski

in Spanish by Isabel Defez

Transcribed by Lea Pabst. Revised by James Low April 2022

This is a traditional account of a confrontation between a demonic force and a wrathful buddha force. It 

encourages us not to reify those who do very frightening things in the world since they do not have inherent existence. They are the energy of the ground distorted by duality and by the force of karmic habit formations.



When the delusion of real existence is released, the energy of the ground flows easily without causing trouble. The only enemy is ignorance and ignorance is unborn. 

Our path is to awaken to the truth of our own mind so that we can engage in this complicated, difficult world without being pulled into the polarities of good and bad.


When we see the equal-ness in emptiness of all phenomena, no matter how they appear, then we can rest in equanimity, which frees us from egocentric reactivity. Then the non-dual co-emergence, of which we are a part, is self-arising and self-liberating. This is the message of this wonderful traditional buddhist account. 



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