At home in emptiness. Szczecin, 2009

James Low

Integrating dzogchen meditation and teachings with our daily life.
Teaching at Drzewo Życia Centre, Szczecin, Poland, 7-8 May 2009

Translated and transcribed by Bartek Czajkowski
Edited by Sarah Allen and James Low

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Red Town Hall, Szczecin

“…The Buddha’s teachings are radical, disturbing—they turn our world upside-down and shift the basis of who we think we are. Everything that we know, everything that we’re connected with is still here, but we start to see it differently.  If we focus on the difference we will feel disturbed, which is why reflecting on impermanence is an important preparatory practice, for the more we see impermanence as the natural state of affairs, the more we see that relying on phenomena to provide a true refuge is not wise…”
“…There is continuity, but it is a continuity of change.  Since we were children everything has changed in our lives.  Our thoughts and feelings have changed so often, the shapes of our bodies have changed, the kinds of activities we do have changed.  So what is the continuity of our identity?
Relax into your own ground… this is your home territory… this is where you belong… so why not relax and enjoy it?

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