Devotion and faith. Darnkow, 2006

James Low

Darnkow, Poland
July 2006
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…Rinpoche often used the image of a ring and a hook. He frequently said that it was important to develop a strong ring of faith so that the hook of the guru’s blessing and compassion could catch that ring. The transmission – for the life, the living life of the lineage to continue –has to occur through devotion…

…When we develop devotion, we are big and we are small. We are small because we feel full of respect and faith and can become childlike, undefended and open; and we are big because we are reassured and trust that our lives are going in the right way. Our energy can relax and open to embrace what is occurring…
…Value is revealed through relationship. When you have devotion to the objects of the dharma and the heart opens, then you see with the eye of the heart, and the eye of the heart sees things that the mind, the brain, cannot see. It is for this reason that devotion is very important. It’s not some primitive, or outer, practice for ordinary simple people. It’s the highest practice of yogis…
…Rinpoche’s great gift was to demonstrate the integration of being relaxed whilst still taking care!

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