Ignorance: how it arises and how we find ourselves at home in it. Berlin, 2006


James Low

Evening public talk, 10th March 2006. Berlin

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Transcribed by Sarah Allen
Edited by Barbara Terris
… The essential point is very simple. Don’t take life too seriously!  If you look back, you will see you have already had many troubles in the past, and now they have gone.  Now you are struggling with the problems of this moment, and if you are lucky enough to stay alive, you will have more problems in the future.  So don’t take your current problems too seriously; they are not the end of the line!
… The real nature of the mind of the deity is emptiness; open, unlimited, pure awareness, which is the ground of everything.  Everything arises within that mind.  This mind is never moving towards objects as if they were external to it, but is the very cornucopia, the very womb of existence.
… Our buddha nature is something that we can  trust.  The problem is that we are out of touch with it.
… We exist in the world, as part of the world, and the world reveals itself to us through our participation.  We are revealed to ourselves and to others, through our participation.
… In this flow of experience what is the source of the flow?  It is the well-spring of the dharmadhatu—emptiness itself.  Emptiness is flowing out of emptiness, through emptiness, into emptiness.

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