Trusting yourself. Spring Eifel Retreat, 4-5 April 2009

The Eifel Retreat, Kamalashila, Eifel 3-5 April 2009.
[The teaching of Friday 3rd April is posted separately also under the title “Trusting Yourself“.

James Low

Transcribed by Anne Conn
Edited by Barbara Terris
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Taken by Krishna Beutel and the 2014 Todtmoos retreat

Taken by Krishna Beutel and the 2014 Todtmoos retreat

…Allowing the mind to be by itself, to roll as it does, is called rang bab, in Tibetan which means falling by itself, like a waterfall. There’s always a sort of spray going off, and the water seems to come down and it suddenly shifts. It’s the same way, the mind is just tumbling down. It sort of goes apart into pieces, then it coalesces, and so on. By allowing that to happen, you start to trust, ‘Oh, things find their own way,’ and, in particular, you trust, ‘I don’t need to be in charge.’…
…As you develop more clarity, you see situations more easily. It then is very important to be extremely careful in everything we do, very harmonious, very attuned, very soft and delicate…