Trusting yourself • Eifel Retreat, April 2009 • Part 1

The first evening of the Eifel retreat at the Kamalashila Institute

The teaching of Saturday and Sunday 4-5 April is posted separately here.

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Transcribed by Tobias Roeder
Edited by Barbara Terris


Trusting yourself
Different traditions, different emphasis
From the dzogchen point of view
Openness: allowing ourselves to be part of the world
Energy: trusting that our nature is good
Non-dual: who is the one experiencing what is going on?
Questions and Answers


…Seaweed moves with the waves of the ocean tumbling and turning it. Seaweed doesn’t get knotted, because it just keeps moving…

…Through observing how we become with others we can start to see, that the flow of the manifestation of ourselves is inseparable from how other people are. We arise with others and we can observe that in our various interactions. So actually we are a united field of arising, and the different qualities of the field bring about different expansions and contractions…                               

…When you experience directly, everything happens at once, and you can be present with everything happening at once! You don’t have to analyse it and break it down into bits in order to make sense of it. The immediacy of everything being there, brings about a response. We find ourselves coming forward…

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