Western and Buddhist ideas about the nature of the mind. 1994

James Low

Jame is unsure about the time and place of this talk, however it was possibly 1994.
Chimed Rigdzin Rinpoche was present and speaks at the end of the recording.
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C R Lama

“Lord Buddha is the highest of people who have talked of relaxation. Lord Buddha says you can get the necessary relaxation in your next life. If you stop sin then afterwards you will get freedom or buddhahood. Now, at this time, people teaching relaxation do not speak about future lives. Perhaps they don’t believe in a next life, but anyway, they teach about this life – to become peaceful. My idea is that if you become peaceful in this life there will also be benefit for the next life.
Therefore I think this talk about how mind is, might be of a little benefit for you.


Just as in winter on a ski slope when people ski the same path again and again, it gets faster and easier. So a similar sort of thing happens with our energy channels. Certain sounds, like the sounds of one’s children, or lover, or boss, make a very quick path so we respond to then very easily. However the channel itself is not conscious, it is more in terms of flow inside the channel…

At the moment I am thinking of learning to drive a car. When I am sitting in a car I look at what the driver does and I keep trying to remember all the different things that his feet do when he comes to a corner. I get very, very troubled by the complexity of it all and yet the drivers never seem troubled, they just do it. And this is the essential thing. We have to take responsibility and do the practice and have the experience, because the meaning is in the experience, and not in the words.

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