Gonpo Wangyal terma text …the Mother of all the Buddhas

Uncovering the Presence of the Mother of all the Buddhas: a treasure text of Gonpo Wangyal.

The Tibetan text together with its English translation is included in Finding Freedom: Texts from the Theravadin, Mahayana and Dzogchen Buddhist traditionby James Low,  published in 2019 by Wandel Verlag and available here.

English translation with Tibetan (2018)
Estonian translation
German Translation (1) In 2010 Christian Leißmann and Robert Jaroslawski translated James’ 2010 text.
German Translation (2) In 2021 A.Bihler translated James’ 2018 text. 
Italian Translation
Polish Translation
Portuguese Translation
Spanish Translation
Turkish Translation

James has taught, or will teach, on this in

Poland, 2011 and 2017

Spain, Barcelona 2017

Spain, Seville 2018

Italy, Milan 2018

Portugal, 2020

The translation of this is in the Appendix of Being Right Here, entitled ‘Teaching on the nature of wisdom’  (pp 151-152 ).

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