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  1. The source I arise from is pure, open, unartificial, simple.
  2. Ignoring this, I imagine that I am self-existing and become intoxicated by the creativity of my own ceaselessly manifesting delusions.
  3. These delusions and false beliefs seem to be valid, and to constitute the totality of truth.
  4. Yet they generate suffering and facilitate the accumulation of tendencies which operate before we know what is going on.
  5. Struggle does not help. It feeds further enmeshment.
  6. Seriousness, anxiety, and concern all feed struggle and the felt need to be active in changing what is occurring, or in avoiding what occurs by hiding in the small, or in seeking oblivion.
  7. Therefore relax body, voice and mind. Relax and release fixation on patterns. Allow all that is arising to come and go freely.
  8. The energy that manifests as mental activity and involvement in appearances will relax where it is if it is not indulged.
  9. Remain in open awareness at all times and in all places.
  10. Manifestation and source abide in non-duality unreliant on concepts.

James Low. November 2017

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