Turbulence is transparent. 2017

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How strange to see
that I myself
hid me from me.

Turbulence is transparent

Turbulence is the experience of unpredictable movement whether seemingly within us or outside us. It is in impactful, even if denied.
This is the display of the ground.
If this is awakened to, there is transparency, translucency.
If this is not awakened to, our sense of self easily becomes the victim of circumstances.
When everything is taken to be real the freedom to see options and makes choices becomes very precious.
Accepting and rejecting demonstrates that I am not a slave.
We are moved to choose, and then to act, to write, to speak, to partake, to accumulate. By having these movements flow through me, I become the ‘doer’, the ‘maker’, the ‘shaper’.
Where the movement comes from I do not see but only imagine/ interpret after the event and in reliance on the concepts that my culture offers me.
The felt sense of being myself, the givenness of being me, is my anchor, the ground I stand on, the site of my activity.
And yet what is mine is shared; language, molecules, food, light. Mine is mine only in the saying and believing and so to say I am the starting point is merely self-creating and self-deceiving.
Don’t speak about something; don’t think about something. The something-ness of our world arises by thinking about it as if there were already something there to think about.
Stay with the fresh clarity that requires no thinking or talking.
Relax this pulse of reactive/proactive movement, relax and release identification with all that comes and goes.
Identity dissolves in the shimmering space of presence; the vanishing of me returns me to my home.
How strange to see that I myself hid me from me.

James Low. November 2017

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