The Intrinsic purity of the obscurations: a dzogchen view. Article, 2012

Article published in The Middle Way: Journal of the Buddhist Society, [87,1], 35-38. Special issue on Vajrayana Tibetan Buddhism.

James Low

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How can it be so simple and yet we don’t get it?  Well, that is because we are looking for something.  We are trying to find our buddha nature as if it were a better version of our everyday selves.  That is a big mistake.  The ground of our being is open, infinite awareness always already present.  We don’t have to make it, or find it, or purify it or develop it.  By relaxing our involvement in both the busyness of samsara and the busyness of the many paths to nirvana we will find ourselves where we need to be, where we have always been, nowhere, everywhere and right here.


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