Anxiety and doubt. [03]. Macclesfield, 2005 (Transcript)

Macclesfield, UK. February 26th, 2005

Most of us have a lot of worries and anxiety in our lives. I will  explain the traditional Nyingmapa understanding of the nature of anxiety, the structures underpinning its development, and show how meditation can help us cut through the root of that development.

Transcribed by Kevin Lawrence
Edited by Wendy Chozom


Anxiety is not a personal problem; it is a structural misapprehension of the nature of existence. There is not something wrong with us, it’s that our attention has been tilted in one direction and we’re off balance. Because we’re out of kilter we don’t see the world clearly. The purpose of the meditation is to rebalance ourselves.


We create expectations which generate anxiety. Our anxieties and our feelings of hope and fear come about because we start from a false assumption about who we are and about how the world is.

You can listen to the audio here

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